Get the Qualities Needed to Become a Travel Counselor!

Are you considering starting a career as a travel counselor?  If you love travel and discovering new places and learning about different cultures this may be the perfect job for you.  The travel counselor course in Winnipeg and the travel counselor course in Calgary at Robertson College locations is a good start.  You can learn all about the many qualities of a travel counselor and you can be well on your way to and exciting career in under a year!

Before you decided that this is the right career for you though, you should consider the qualities that a travel counselor must possess:
  • Passion - If you want to get other people excited about traveling to a location you need to be excited about it yourself.  Be able to tell them what is so fabulous about a place and show your passion with body language and your voice.
  • Organization - You don’t want to send Mr. And Mrs. Smith on Spring Break in Daytona Beach and send your college co-ed on the history tour of Timbuktu! 
  • Customer service - You need to be able to deal with people one on one and on the phone and through email and you need to have a great attitude every moment of your day.
  • Writing skills - Because a lot of your communications is through email you will need to be able to convey your needs accurately in writing.
  • Research skills - Obviously you can’t know everything about every destination and every tour package available but you need to utilize research skills to find out for your clients when they want to know something.
  • Internet skills - The Internet will be one of the best sources for finding information in your field.
  • Attention to detail - You need to keep good records and if you record the wrong information or if you record the right information in the wrong spot, your clients will not be happy.

There are many skills that the travel counselor must possess.  Some of them come naturally to certain people but these are skills that can be learned and practiced, too.  That is one of the benefits of taking a travel counselor course in Calgary or Winnipeg at Robertson College.  Not only do you get to learn the skills through valuable instruction, but you will also get to put your skills to use with a practicum where you work with a practicing travel agency before you are sent out into the world to get a job.

A travel counselor is a great job for those who love working with people and are willing to go the extra mile to keep clients happy.