5 Things Successful Students Have in Common

Every wonder what it is that successful students are doing to be so successful?  Wonder how they manage to make getting top grades look so painless?  Well, here are some of the things that successful students are doing that you could be doing, too:

1. They go to class

Yes, all of them.  They don’t skip classes because they feel like they “need a day off.” They don’t miss class because there is fresh powder and they have to be on the slopes.  They don’t miss class because they are extending the long weekend. They go to each and every class because you never know when the most important information will be talked about or when the instructor is going to reveal a crucial exam point or give out a pop quiz worth bonus marks.  Go to class!

2. They do their reading assignments

Reading assignments can take up time but they are important to being able to understand the class material.  But there are also likely to be reading assignments that aren’t covered in class and it is these ones that you really need to keep up with. Don’t put off all your reading until the last day before a test.  You’ll never retain it all.  Read material over the period of your course and you’ll be much more likely to remember what you’ve read.

3. They take notes

Even if the instructor hands out an outline of the lecture, take notes.  It make it easier to focus on what you’re hearing and you’ll remember it later.  Just write down key points.  You might also jot down questions that you need to look up the answer for to have a better understanding or you can write down points that you need to ask the instructor about later.

4. They take advantage of office hours

Struggling with concepts of what you’re learning? Falling behind? Confused?  The instructor is there to help you and office hours are for you. Take advantage of these office hours if you need them.  Before you meet with your instructor, jot down the main points you want to discuss so that you don’t forget anything.

5. They play an important role in group projects

Of course, everyone’s role in a group project is important but if you don’t put effort in you are missing out.  Step up and be the leader.  Volunteer to keep everyone on task.  Take the opportunity to show off your speaking skills.  Don’t hide in the corner and hope no one will notice you.  If you do this, the only thing will be noticed is the fact that you’re avoiding the work.

Picture source: http://www.freeimages.com/photo/641179