5 Things You May Not Have Considered in Your Job Search

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Jobs are more than just a pay cheque.  Jobs should be satisfying but they should also propel you forward in your career.  Most people don’t stop to think of those little things though that can make you love your job or hate it.

Here are a few things you might not have thought about when planning your job search:

1. The Commute

Having a long commute can make a big difference in how you think about your job.  That also depends on what commuting options are available to you and your feelings towards them.  I never minded taking a bus.  I used the time on the bus to and from work to think, read, listen to music, and generally just do things that I never had time for otherwise.

What other commuting options are available?  Car, bus, train, walking, riding a bike?  They are all viable choices depending on where you live.  Consider whether or not there is a commuting option that will work for you and will not contribute towards job dissatisfaction.  If you have a long way to commute you might grow to resent your job if you have to spend several hours a day away from your family.

2. Resume Boosters

Most people that are fresh out of college think that they have to apply for specific kinds of jobs – jobs that they were trained for.  And you should apply for those jobs, but you can also apply for the resume booster jobs. It’s better to have a resume booster job that is temporary but brings in money and adds to your skills than no job at all.  You can also get good leads and add to your networking list so resume booster jobs can be very beneficial

3. Stress

A job is always good but before you apply for a job think about the stressors that might come from working at a job.  Think about the tasks that you are going to have to do on a regular basis – is that going to drive you crazy and add stress?  What about the kinds of people you’ll be working with – both as co-workers and customers?  Are they likely to add to your stress?  How prepared are you to handle job stress and specifically the job stress that might be associated with a particular job?

4. Mental Stimulation

One of the factors that contributes most to job satisfaction is mental stimulation. That’s why you see high turnover in low paying jobs.  People who do the same things day in and day out, have little choice of how they do their job, or have little contact with others on the job or little opportunity to work on team projects are often under-stimulated.  They get bored.  And eventually they leave.

5. The Perks

Does the job you are applying for come with any perks and how important are they to you.  Sometimes a company will sell you on the perks of working there but those perks are really irrelevant and don’t contribute towards your job satisfaction at all.  A so-so job can be your dream job if there are great perks!

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