What Makes You Rock as an Administrative Assistant?

Nice Reception people at DICE in Stockholm
Nice Reception people at DICE in Stockholm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Do you know?  You should!  Knowing what you're good at, where you excel, and what people can really depend on your for will make you better at your job.  It will also make you feel confident in learning new tasks.

If you're not sure what you're really good at here are some things you can do:
  1. Make a list.  Sit down and make a list of all of the things that you're good at, even if they don't exactly pertain to your job.  Can you run really fast?  Are you diligent when you are working on a project?  Do you have a great memory for numbers?  Make that list as long as you can.  Sure, not everything is going to apply to the job you do but many of them will.  In fact, you'll likely think of a few things that you didn't realize can be applied to your job but after you look at this list a few times you'll realize how they apply.
  2. Ask people.  People love to tell others good things so give them a chance to.  You might be surprised about what they say about you.
  3. Use social networking. Do you have Twitter?  That can be a great place to find out what people think about you - especially in the customer service realm.  They might say that you have a great sense of humor or that you are patient when explaining things.
  4. If your business has a customer service box where customers can fill out a card with comments ask your boss if you've ever been mentioned.
  5. Keep emails where people pay you compliments or thank you.  Have a special folder for them.
What other ways can you think of to find out how you rock as an administrative assistant?
One of the other great things about know how you rock is that when you have "off" days - things just aren't going your way - you can check out the list that you've made or look back at those emails and you'll be reminded that you are great.  You'll instantly feel better and you'll be able to get rid of the "off" day and move on to having a great "on" day.
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