5 Reasons Why LinkedIn is Important to Your Job Search

Robertson College | 5 Reasons Why You Should be on LinkedIn
Facebook, Twitter, Google+ - it seems that the list of social media networks just keeps growing.  For many people, the idea of sharing personal details about their lives is very daunting or just a big black hole of their time!  But if you are job hunting or want to build your career – LinkedIn is the one social network that you should consider being a part of.

Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn is a professionally-oriented social networking service that is all about showcasing your professional skills.  Instead of sharing photos or talking about what you did or where you were last weekend, LinkedIn is where you can talk about your professional achievements and other accomplishments that you want potential recruiters or future bosses to know!

Here are a few more good reasons for you to be on LinkedIn

1)      Benefit from your network – We all know the value of a referral. With LinkedIn, you can to see how you are connected to someone – be it through a mutual contact or alumni group.  These connections are very powerful and can be just the thing to get you through the door for an interview.

2)      Showcase your skills and experience – With LinkedIn’s search capabilities, recruiters can easily type in the skills they are looking for and be able to see people who match their requirements. If you have many years of experience in the travel industry, by putting that on your profile, you can potentially be opening yourself up to opportunities that you are no aware of.

3)      Connect with recruiters and head hunters – LinkedIn profiles make it easier for recruiters and hiring managers to make contact.  Put yourself in the shoes of a hiring manager – and you will be able to see how valuable a tool like LinkedIn really is.

4)      Connect with your school – Many recruiters will look at graduates from a school because they trust in the education that they received.  By the way, did you know that Robertson College has a LinkedIn page?  When you start to type in the education field, a dropdown list should automatically show up.  Be sure to select Robertson College from the list!

5)      Have Access to Job Postings – More than just a tool for job hunters, it is also a tool for recruiters to post any job openings they are hiring for.  When you fill in your profile, LinkedIn will also send you job opportunities that match your skillset.  These automatic updates can make job hunting a lot easier!

Don’t think you’re in an industry that is on LinkedIn? Consider these facts:

Go where the recruiters are – it might just make your job search that much easier. 

And when you’re done creating your profile (takes about 15 minutes), visit our page on LinkedIn to follow all our updates.