Why Travel Cousellors Still Matter

Expedia, Travelocity, Orbitz - in this age of online travel booking, it seems that anyone with Internet access can become their own travel counsellor.  But if you think that there is no need for Travel Counsellors with formal training and education from a Canadian college, you would be pleasantly surprised!

Companies are still looking to hire Travel Counsellors who have gone through formal education and know the industry inside out.  While online booking sites for flights, vacation packages and accommodations are reliable to use, it can be just as easy to sit down with a Travel Professional who not only can book flights and accommodations but take care of logistics, airport transfers, group arrangements, insurance, special needs and travel documentation as well!  This is especially true for overseas travel or a multi-destination trip - formally-trained Travel Counsellors can do the heavy lifting in the trip planning process.

Here are a few more tasks Travel Counsellors are experts at:

Itinerary Building - Travel Counsellors can assemble day-by-day agendas, complete with reservations at restaurants, local tourist attractions or tours. They can advise on activities, events and customs at the travel destination which makes the planning process much simpler and enjoyable!

Insider Advantages - Being in the industry, Travel Counsellors have a network of airline, cruise line, resorts and car rental places that they can leverage in the planning process. They have insider knowledge on seasonal policies or discounts and also the necessary tools and technologies to source the best prices for their clients.

Source of Information  - When you book your vacation without an agent, you are on your own and operating without a safety net.  Travel Counsellors can help their clients obtain the necessary travel documents, and advise of any customs requirements of the travel destination. They also stay on top of the latest news at various destinations to help ensure that it's a safe place to travel to!

Emergency Assistance - Unfortunately, emergencies do happen from time to time. Travel Counsellors are able to offer their assistance to their clients in case of emergencies.  They ensure their clients are equipped with the right insurance and call centre backup for any cancelled reservations, missed flights and lost baggage.


If you are very details-oriented and have a passion for travel and exploring the world - consider a career as a Travel Counsellor.

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