What Duties Does A Home Care Provider Perform?

Home Care is an industry that is growing in demand, and the need for Health Care Aides that can provide Home Care is greater than ever. But what does a Home Care provider do?

The aim of a Home Care provider is to:

•    Provide personal and medical services at home for those who would otherwise need to be placed in long-term care facilities
•    Provide relief for families caring for individuals with health issues in the form of respite services
•    Use Assessment, Counseling, and Problem Solving skills to provide support to the individual and their families


How does the Home Care Provider accomplish this?

The Provider works with the client and their families to determine their individual needs, which may include:

•    Personal Care Assistance - which can include help with walking, transferring to and from a wheelchair, bathing, dressing , toileting and many more activities for daily living
•    Household Assistance - such as meals, light housekeeping and laundry
•    Health Care Services - such as teaching, health promotion, wound care and medication administration

Home Care Providers are an essential part of every healthy community, and they use their skills to provide a better quality of life for their clients. What could be better than that?

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