How to Prepare for Your Next Job Interview

Job interviews can be very nerve-wracking, and can really put you out of your comfort zone. Learning to prepare effectively can make you feel more confident.  If you feel great about what you have to offer, it will really show to potential employers.

Dress to Impress - First impressions are a big deal, so err on the side of being over-dressed. Wear clean, stylish, modest attire, and wear jewelry that is fashionable but not gaudy. Make sure you are clean-shaven and your hair looks neatly groomed.

Prepare Your Answers to Common Interview Questions Ahead of Time - Before the interview, look up common interview questions online and come up with thoughtful answers. Feel free to jot your answers down and bring them with you - it shows the interviewer you put in extra effort, and they can come in handy if you get stuck on a question.

Pump Yourself Up - Many people stress themselves out before an interview, and this can show through in your demeanor and speech during the meeting. Try listening to upbeat music or consider adopting power poses to dispel any anxiety.

Watch this video with Amy Cuddy to learn more about what "Power Posing" can do for you:

Let Yourself Shine - One purpose of an interview is to assess your personality to see if you'd fit in well with the existing staff. Open up and let your personality shine through; employers want to hire people they enjoy being around.

Solid interviewing skills are essential to building a great career. Your ability to connect personally with the interviewer can be just as important as your skills, experience and accomplishments. And much like anything else, practice makes perfect!