Why You Should Consider a Career in Accounting

Are you looking to pursue a new career and wondering which path is right for you?  Making a career change can mean an investment of both your time and money.  Before you take any drastic action, it is important to take some time to research the careers you are considering and evaluate their fit and potential with what you are trying to achieve.

If accounting is an area you are interested in pursuing, here are a few reasons why you might choose this career path:

  • Good work / life balance 
  • Regular work hours 
  • Employment outlook is predicted to be 'Fair' [source: jobbank.gc.ca
  • Potential for advancement
  • A high degree of autonomy and independence
  • Job opportunities in various industries in both private and public sectors 
Accounting Assistant or equivalent positions are often the best way to start your accounting career. In Canada, Accounting Assistants are employed in a variety of industries including:

  1. Professional, Scientific and Technical Services 15.46%
  2. Wholesale Trade 9.81%
  3. Manufacturing 9.73%
  4. Retail Trade 9.44%
  5. Public Administration 9.32%
  6. Finance and Insurance 7.20%
[source: jobbank.gc.ca]

As an Accounting Assistant, the training you received is highly transferable which means you are able to work in many different industries, in companies big or small and in the private or public sectors! 

If you have a passion for numbers, have high attention to detail and enjoy problem solving, consider a career in accounting.

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