Qualities of a Great Veterinary Office Assistant

Those who work in a vet office possess a unique blend of compassion, great work ethic, and dedication. The duties they perform are not easy, but they are rewarding and very necessary to help maintain a great quality of life for our furriest family members!

These are some of the essential qualities that make up a great Veterinary Office Assistant or Veterinary Office Technical Assistant:

Balanced Compassion
They need to be able to feel compassion for the plight of the animals in their care - to treat them like human patients. But they must not become overwhelmed by stressful and difficult situations.

It is not an easy job, so the assistant needs to be very dedicated to their work. They must keep the well-being of their patients at the center of all they do.

Great Work Ethic
A great work ethic is essential for this job because vet offices can get very busy, and mistakes can be very detrimental to the animal patients. Great care must be taken at all times.

Warm Demeanor
Visiting the Veterinarian can be a very uncomfortable experience for patients even under the best circumstances, and it really helps if they can feel at ease around the people who are treating them.

Love of Learning
Veterinary medicine is always advancing, and staying on top of your skills as a Veterinary Office Assistant - such as humane restraint techniques - will benefit your patients as well as your employer.

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