Qualities of an Exceptional Health Care Aide

If you are a compassionate, empathetic, patient and caring individual, a career as a Health Care Aide can be a very rewarding career choice for you.  Since your clients rely on you for their care and basic needs, care giving is a very important responsibility that should not be taken lightly.  In our list below, we consider some of the qualities that make for exceptional caregivers.

If you are considering a career in this field, be sure to take a few moments to review this list. Remember, your clients deserve the very best care!

Exceptional Health Care Aides are...


Because you are working with clients that are in vulnerable positions, being able to empathize will help you better understand their situation - which ultimately helps you better understand and provide for their needs. 


An exceptional caregiver treats all their clients with respect regardless of their situation.  This can include the client and those around the client including other health care providers and family members. 

Accountable & Responsible

Providing care to a client is an important responsibility. As a caregiver, there will be many times when you are tempted to take "shortcuts" - especially when you have had a busy or demanding day. Remember, each client deserves the same care and respect!


As a Health Care Aide, you are often working with clients that are elderly, injured or are disabled.  That can mean needing more time to perform daily tasks. To provide exceptional care, a caregiver would not only be patient as they assist their clients, they would also work diligently to help their clients maintain their independence and dignity.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in this field, we are proud to say that we have many wonderful health care instructors that will not only teach you the technical aspects of the role but also be able to share with you real insight from their experience in the field, doing the job you are about to do!  

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