Why You Should Consider Starting School in the Summer

Many students like to wait for the Fall to start school because that is traditionally when school begins, but there are many advantages to starting your program sooner rather than later. Here are just a few:

  • Depending on the length of your program you may get out of school earlier than other College and University students, which means a less competitive job market for you.
  • If you start sooner, you finish sooner - which means you can start your career sooner!
  • Class sizes are at their largest in the fall - make the most of smaller class sizes by starting your program in the Summer.
  • Businesses often hire before the Summer to cover busy periods and staff holidays, and starting your program sooner will give you first crack at these practicum placements and job opportunities for next year.
  • Depending on your campus, you can avoid traffic and parking issues by securing a parking spot before the Fall rush
The Health Care, Business and IT programs offered at Robertson College can be completed in less than a year (with the exception of the Massage Therapy 2-year program in Winnipeg). This means that if you choose to start your program now, by summer of next year, you can be employed and enjoying your well-earned vacation days!