Benefits (and Challenges) to Working in a Pharmacy

As a valued member of the pharmacy team, Pharmacy Assistants and Pharmacy Technicians have important roles to play, just like the Pharmacist that they support!

As a Pharmacy Assistant or Pharmacy Technician, you have the opportunity to work directly with your customers - helping them with their prescription and contributing to their overall health care needs.

Here are some other benefits to working in a pharmacy:

  • growth potential within the pharmacy and more broadly, in the pharmacy field
  • variation in daily tasks
  • fast moving environment with a combination of customer facing and behind the scenes work
  • flexible hours
  • different pharmacy settings to choose from - community pharmacies or institutional pharmacies
However, the pharmacy environment is not for everyone. Here are some possible challenges you should consider:
  • if you prefer not to be customer-facing, this would not be a good fit for you
  • while some people might thrive in a fast-moving environment, others may prefer a slower pace
  • physical demands of being on your feet
  • shift work and working different hours each week
The pharmacy field can be a very rewarding one to work in! Find out if this career path is for you - start by talking to our Admissions Advisors or visiting our campus for a tour.  Contact us to get started.


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