How Medical Office Assistants are Different From Administrative Assistants

Medical Office Assistants combine strong administrative skills with basic medical abilities and knowledge.

This means they can perform all of the duties of an Administrative Assistant with the added skill set of being able to carry out basic medical duties and care for the patients they serve.

Here are some of the administrative tasks Medical Office Assistants are able to perform:
  • Making and answering phone calls in a professional manner 
  • Perform paperwork and filing duties with accuracy and care 
  • Greeting patients and clients when they arrive 
  • Helping to keep other staff in the office organized 

In addition, they are able to perform the following medical duties:

  • Preparing patients for their appointments
  • Obtaining and recording patients' vital signs 
  • Obtaining blood specimens from patients 
  • Performing radiology and diagnostic imaging 
  • Performing Motor and sensory testing 

As a Medical Office Assistant, you contribute to patient care by providing the attention that patients need. You also have the flexibility of working as a non-medical Administrative Professional with no additional training required.

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