You Need a Good Cover Letter

Ever wonder why it is that you aren't getting the administrative assistant jobs that you apply for?  There are two things that you must have:
  • a great cover letter and resume
  • proper training
People who hire for administrative assistants (and that is almost every field that exists!) do require that you have some sort of training.  But even with the right training you it takes a great cover letter and resume to stand out in today's competitive market.  In my opinion, the cover letter is essential - it is your SALES TOOL and what you are selling is yourself.  Don't give them the same regurgitated material that is in your resume.  Make your cover letter stand out!

All of our administrative courses at Robertson College include a job training section that will help you make great cover letters that will help you stand out from the crowd.  Ask one of our career counselors at Robertson College about our many administrative courses and find out what we can do to help you today!

Meanwhile, take a peek at this informative video about cover letters.