Accounting Program Brings Clarity

“My favorite part of being a Finance Specialist is that I work in Payroll, talk to clients one on one, and do not have the demands or stress that comes with working in customer service. I feel completely on my own, and I love it!”  states Nicole Shumey, who recently graduated from the Accounting and Payroll program at Robertson College.  Shortly after graduation, Nicole found employment with Venture Healthcare.

Initially, Nicole did not know which way she wanted to go with her career but after looking at the skills she had, she narrowed down her career options.  “I never really knew what I wanted to do for my future career but I have always done well with numbers and writing.”  After doing some research, she chose the program and college she wanted.  “A close family member had taken a few programs through Robertson College, and really enjoyed it there. She suggested that I try something in the office field.  We did some research and found the Accounting and Payroll Administrator program. “ Nicole continued, “Also, from looking in job ads, this career was in high demand in a growing field.”

“Students that enter this program can work in a variety of office settings upon graduation.” comments Jordan Fuchs, Marketing Associate for Robertson College.  “Students have the skills to work in accounting, payroll, and administrative roles.”  Fuchs continued, “Students who graduate from this program are prepared to write the Canadian Payroll Association certification exams to attain their Payroll Compliance Practitioner designation. “

When looking for a college, Nicole wanted one that was credible and accommodated her schedule.  “I chose Robertson College because I heard a lot of goods things about the school. Before I made a final decision on which school to apply to, I did some research on other colleges and found that I really liked the idea of a small class, where I could get one on one attention from my instructor. The school hours were extremely reasonable, and it worked with my schedule.”

During her time in the program, Nicole learned how to prepare different business documents and spreadsheets, business communication, bookkeeping, and accounting and payroll skills.  When asked what her experiences were like in class, she said, “I really enjoyed the atmosphere at Robertson. The students and staff were all so welcoming; especially my instructor and the vice-principal.  I also liked how the school brought in industry experts to do presentations, and tell us what employment opportunities were available.”

Upon graduation, Nicole applied to different companies for employment.  “I applied to several different places and Venture Healthcare asked me to come for an interview. I was very intrigued with the position but honestly didn't think I would get through to the second interview, but I did. I am now working my first salary job, and loving every minute of it!”  Nicole spends her days working on payroll and billing for the company.  She commented, “The program I took prepared me for the office world and I am comfortable because of it.”

Nicole was asked if she would recommend this program and she said, “I would definitely recommend someone to the Accounting and Payroll Administrator program. From my experiences in the past, coming from working in the customer service field, I honestly did not know what to expect taking the program. But as I progressed in school, I found I really enjoyed the work I was doing.”
Those that would like more information about this program or any other program at Robertson College should contact the college at 204.943.5661, visit or