Increase Your Typing Speed

Being a fast typist is an important part of your job. You do it every single day. So, if you are at the beginning of your career as an administrative assistant or just want to improve on your speed you should take advantage of some of the online tools available to you. Here's my top 10:
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  1. Speedtest - I like this one because it doesn't have sentences - just words - so it helps you to focus on the letters rather than the meaning of what you are typing.
  2. Learn2Type - this one will not only test your current typing speed but you can also sign up for online lessons to brush up or improve.
  3. Fingerjig - fun game, good practice
  4. Stamina - another tool to download. The bonus of this one is that it offers an alternative method to reduce wrist stress. Let me know if you have wrist stress and if this works for you.
  5. Sense-lang - has typing games, a program, and even tips for seniors.
  6. Type Online - another typing test.
  7. QWERTY Warriors - like RPG's? Then this typing game is for you.
  8. TypingHero - this game is loosely based on Guitar Hero.