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Did you know that you can work as an administrative assistant from home? If you have training or experience as an administrative assistant there is a wide array of choice available to you and they aren't all in office. Thousands of women and men all over the world are working from home as virtual assistants. And I should add, they aren't just making ends meet - they are thriving in satisfying careers. If you're one of those people that feel stifled in an office environment the world of work at home might be just what you're looking for.

Virtual assistants are able to get clients either locally OR online OR they may do a little bit of both. If you want to focus on your local area there are likely tons of businesses that can't afford to hire an admin assistant full-time or even part-time, but given the ability to hire someone on an as needed basis might be just the incentive they need.

Virtual assistants have the option of specializing in an area of administrative work. Perhaps you write great sales text or business letters - that can be a huge area of specialty. Maybe social networking is your interest? VA's are getting paid good money to handle business Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, YouTube accounts, and other social networking areas. You can choose a specialty or several specialties and do what you really love.

Are you interested in exploring the world of Virtual Assistants? Get started by checking out these sites:

- Canadian Virtual Assistant Connection (CVAC): a place to network, learn, and get support.
- Canadian Virtual Assistant Network (CVAN): more networking and learning
- Virtual Assistant Forums: join a community, make friends, network, learn, and even get jobs!

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