Reduce Paper Usage in Your Office

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Do you feel like you're drowning in the amount of paper floating around your office?  Is it sitting in piles on your desk?  Is your file cabinet getting more and more stuffed each day?  Then maybe it is time to start thinking about going paperless (or just using less paper) in your office.  Not only is it better for the environment but you'll find that when there is less paper around you are more organized.  And if you're more organized you'll work more efficiently.

One of the things you can do is send more email in your inter-office communications.  Have you ever thought about how many memos get stuffed into corners and desk drawers?  How about that company newsletter that gets place in the to-do pile and may or may not get read?  And what happens after it does get read?  How many people do you think keep it to refer back to later?  Instead of sending out a paper memo get your company started on email memos and PDF newsletters.  If staff want to save them they can save them on their computer with ease.

Do you or your boss read industry magazines or newsletters?  They take up a lot of paper don't they.  Many companies are now producing online newsletter and magazine subscriptions.  Check into it and if they are subscribe to the online version.  You'll find that you like it a lot better when you don't have a pile of them sitting in your window sill!

If you must print be sure to use both sides of the paper - no more single sided printing.  Most photo-copiers have this option and if yours doesn't it is really time for an upgrade.  Also, when you print make sure you are removing unnecessary graphics and make sure the font is something that doesn't take up too much space, like Times New Roman.  You can even decrease the margins if you don't need to take notes on your print out.  Make headings bold, but not large.  At least when you do have to print something you'll use less paper.

If you get business admail often, check to see if it is printed on both sides.  If it isn't save it for scrap paper.  People always need paper that they can easily dispose of and many businesses order notepads just for that purpose.  Instead of wasting more trees, use the paper that is already coming into your office.
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