Top 5 Questions for YOU to Ask in an Administrative Professional Interview

The Question Is What Is the Question?
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Interviews can be tough - there's no doubt about that but one of the best ways to make yourself stand out among the other people who are being interviewed is with your questions.  Yes, at some point, you are likely going to be asked, "Do you have any questions?"

First thing you should know is that your answer should never be, "No."  When your answer is "no" it tells them that you haven't prepared yourself thoroughly for the interview.  It also suggests that you aren't very interested in the job.  Someone that is interested will take the chance to ask questions, because really, this interview is not only for them to decide if they want to hire you but for you to decide if you really do want to work there.

Avoid questions like, "How much does this pay?" or "When do we get vacation and how much time do we get?"  Questions like these make the employer thing that the only thing you care about is money and booking time off.  So, what should you ask instead?  Try one of these great questions:
  1. What are the traits and skills of the most successful people in your organization?
  2. What is the top priority of the person who will be hired for this position?
  3. How would you define your company's code of ethics?
  4. What kind of management style guides this company?
  5. How does your company feel about ongoing training and education of employees?
These five questions show that you've put thought into it but even more so, they show that you know what kind of company you want to work for.  

Ask intelligent questions and you'll be treated intelligently.
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