7 Tools for Sharing Large Files

Have you ever had to send a large file outside your firm's intranet?  It is bound to happen eventually so make sure that you have a way of doing that.  There are several services that are available online that are worth checking out.

Before you decide on one you should consider the importance of the documents and whether or not you need to have a password on it.

Here are 7 ways you can share large files:
  1. Zapr - this is like a small web servier in that you can have a public or private link that allows you to share the material.  You can password protect the material but you have to have your PC on with Zapr running in order for them to access it
  2. Send This File - there are no size limits but you do need to register.  If the basic account is not enough you can get a premium account and you can password protect your documents
  3. File Dropper - for fast file sharing of files up to 5GB; you get a download link to give to the recipient.
  4. PipeBytes - there are no limits on size and no registrations; there's also no password options.
  5. FileAI - works with a java-based client.  There's not limits on size and you can use a password to protect it.  You can also limit the amount of times it can be downloaded.
  6. FileShaker - quick uploads of files up to 10GB.
  7. 2Large2Email - for sending and storing, which means that once you've uploaded it it is there for the next time.  Stores up to 50GB
TIP:  Read Terms of Service (TOS) carefully when using any service like this.  You want to make sure that your information will never be compromised.