Being Culturally Aware

In our world, being culturally aware is important.  In countries like Canada and the United States there are many cultures and it is quite likely that you will work with people from different cultures in your own office.  But you should also remember that company's are likely to do business with other countries as well, which means that you will be dealing with even more diverse cultures.

So, in order to be more culturally aware you should:
  • be aware of your own culture
  • be aware of differences in non-verbal language; a smile may mean one thing in our culture but another thing in other cultures
  • if you are dealing with language differences slow down and use simple language
  • remember that some cultures have expectations for higher standards of dress
  • eating is something that you may come across when you are in another country or have visitors from another country - learn the manners of that country
  • be friendly but not pushy - many countries have a wider berth of personal space than ours
  • do some research and learn
Being culturally aware is something that everyone should make an effort towards.  From entry level positions to leaders of the business people need to remember that we work in a global economy and we all need to get along!
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