Using Gmail For Lists

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If you use Gmail you can create lists that will help you keep organized and get things done.  But did you know you can have multiple lists and you can name them however you like?  You can.

On your left sidebar you should have a link for “Tasks” – this is your to-do list.  If you didn’t know it was there it might go unused but it is something you can refer to throughout the day.  

Once you have a “Task” started you can start adding things to the list.  Simply click inside the box and enter text.  When you’re done, hit enter, and you can add more.

Now, you hear it all the time but this makes it even easier to implement.  You can have prioritized to-do lists with your Tasks!  It’s simple to add a new list.

When you have a list up click on the little bulleted list with the arrow beside it in the lower left-hand corner.

This will bring up a mini list of options.  Choose New List and a box will pop up and you can name it.  You might want to name them by category or simply (as I’ve done), A List, B List, C List.

Repeat the actions of adding things to your list.

Now, as you’re creating you lists – or as time goes by, you may decide that an item on your C List should actually be on your B List.  Click on the item and a little arrow will come up at the end of the item.  Click on the arrow and a window will come up.  Here you can add additional notes or a due date.  But  towards the bottom of that window you’ll see a little box that says “move to list” – click on the down arrow and you can move it to another list easily!

Now there’s no need for you to keep several lists in your purse or in a notepad (or as one instructor I know does, in several notepads!).  You can access all of your links from Gmail, which is accessible from anywhere you can get Internet.  Of course if you have a Blackberry or other PDA phone that means you can access it on the go, too!
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