Why Do I Keep Telling You to Always Be Learning?

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You may have noticed that something I repeat a lot is that administrative assistants should always be learning.  That is because I think that it is very important.  In fact, I contribute all of my successes in my business life – and personal as well – to the fact that I am always learning something.  I actually enjoy it.  I learned HTML for fun (I’m no expert but I can put together a basic HTML page that serves my needs).  I’m not afraid to take on a job at work because it involved learning a new program.  Learning is something that has served me well whether it has been formal or informal learning.

One of the reason I think that learning is so important is because it helps you grow.  It helps you grow in your job and it helps you grow as a persons.  It helps your grow you skills and that makes you a more valuable employee.  If you find things that you enjoy and learn how to master them you’ll find there is more interest in your day and more value in your work.

People with large skills bases are usually the ones that get promoted on the job.  When people are moved up through the ranks of the company it is often because they have skills that they didn’t start the job with.  They’ve made it their purpose to learn new things and to learn how to do them well.  Employers notice when staff are constantly learning and to them that means that they will be willing to take on challenges. 

You can learn online from many sites.  If money is a concern there are many sites that offer free courses.  Free courses are a great starting point.  While they may not help you to become an expert they give you the chance to experiment and try out new things.  Are you really interested in graphics design or is it the creativity that interests you more?  

Attend seminars and workshops when you see that they are available in your city.  Professional organizations are a great place to find out about seminars and workshops in your area.  You can also join local Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, or subscribe to newsletters to find out about workshops and seminars.
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