Great Chrome Tools To Track Your Time

I love extensions and add-ons and if you’re using Google Chrome you’ll find that there are some great tools that you can track your time with:

Google Tasks –  The previous post talked about using Tasks to prioritize your to-do list but  with this nifty little extension you don’t even have to be in Gmail to use it.  It installs as a little button on the top of your screen and you can access it any time you like and you don’t have to have Gmail open.  Easy access to all of your Gmail list – what else could you want?

Stay Focused – If you’re anything like me the Internet can be a powerful temptation that is impossible to resist sometimes.  You might not be able to resist the urge to update your Twitter or you might spend excessive amounts of time on a forum in the name of “research”.  Get control of yourself with this add-on.  You can block specific sites altogether or you can allow yourself only a certain amount of time on them per day.  There are several ways that you can limit your Internet time to become more productive.

Chrome Pad – Well, you might want somewhere to jot down some quick notes.  That’s what notepads are for right?  Well, notepads tend to disappear and they take up extra space on your desk and you need a pen.  With Chrome Pad you don’t have any of those things to think about.  This extension adds a button to your browser so you can quickly jot down notes and then erase them when they are taken care of.  No more bulky notepads.

Incredible Start Page – This allows you to set up a start page with the most important sites that you need to access everyday right at the forefront.  You won’t forget to log in to you administration panel when it is the first thing you see when you open your Internet browser will you?  It also shows you the sites you’ve closed most recently  and gives you easy access to all of your bookmarks.  And it loads much faster than a lot of homepages like iGoogle for instance.

These are just some of the great tools you can use with Google Chrome browser and they really can help you manage your time better!
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