Should You Get CPS/CAP Certified?

FSA (Photo credit: gibsonsgolfer)
First, if you’re newly graduated from an administrative course you might not yet know what CPS/CAP certification is. 

CPS stands for Certified Professional Secretary.  It consists of a three part exam that covers office systems and technology, office administration and management. 

CAP stands for Certified Administrative Professional.  This consists of a four part exam that includes the three aspects of the CPS exam plus advanced organizational management.

Now, the big question is – why should you bother taking the exams if you already have a job?

Here are some great reasons:
  • To show your dedication to your job
  • To increase your value as an employee
  • To have pride in your work
  • To increase your chances of a promotion
  • To demonstrate knowledge and experience over the years.
  • To open yourself to new possibilities
Can you think of any other reasons?  The ladies (and some men) at the International Association of Administrative Professionals Group on Facebook sure have a lot of good reasons.  Check them out in this discussion
If you’ve decided that you are interested in taking the CPS/CAP exam you should visit the International Association of Administrative Professionals homepage.  Click on the Professional Development tab and you’ll find loads of information about how to sign up, where to get materials, when you can take the exams, and so on. 

And don’t forget that registered members of the IAAP get a discount!