Time - What Does It Mean To You?

People look at time in different ways.

There are the people who look at time as just numbers on the wall (not often on their wrist because they don't wear watches).  They do things on their own time and when it works for them.  They don't much care about being on time and their motto is, "Once you're late you can't be late again for the same event so you might as well just relax."  For us administrative types they are the ones that drive us up the walls.

Then there are the people who are always early because being late makes them crazy.  They would rather show up somewhere half an hour early than even a minute late.  2 minutes early is late to them.  Some of us administrative types are like that.

Then there are the people who routinely show up 5 minutes early to right on time.  How do they do that?

Usually it is because they look at time in little blocks.  They don't look at time as something to be conquered or bargained for.  They simply see time as little blocks of availability and they fill it in with all the things that they need to do.  They know they can only accomplish as many things as there are available blocks of time so they take care of the most important things first.  In other words, they prioritize.

So, how do you look at time?  What does time mean to you?