Top Ten Skills Of Administrative Professionals

Since Administrative Professionals are so involved with every aspect of the businesses they work for they need to have many skills. If you have started an admin career or are taking a course to train for an admin career your skills need to be portable and transferable. That means that your skills can be put to use to effectively complete a wide array of projects. So, what are the top 10 skills that administrative professionals need to have?
  1. Organizational Skills - professionals in your office will be depending on you to know where files are, to know when their meetings are, and to know what the priorities are for the day, among other things. Your organizational skills will be imperative to keeping all this information straight. 
  2. Written Communications Skills - every day you will use writing as a form of communication when you write emails, formal letters, and even reports. You will need to understand grammar and be familiar with the writing process. 
  3. Verbal Communication Skills - since you are the first person that clients and business partners will have contact with, either by phone or in person, it is essential that your verbal communication skills be up to par. You may also need to give presentations or present information to small groups of people so you need to be comfortable speaking in front of people. 
  4. Cultural Awareness - in our world it is not only possible but it is very probable that you will be working with people from different cultures. By being culturally aware you will be more likely to be successful and to be thought of as a professional. 
  5. Microsoft Office Skills - while there are other programs that are specific to individual fields, Microsoft Office is still one of the most widely used programs among business professionals - knowing how to use Word, PowerPoint, Access, and Excel is just the beginning of your learning but if you are comfortable with these programs you will be more likely to learn other programs more easily. 
  6. Typing Skills - not only will you need typing skills to do your own work efficiently but you'll also likely need to type up documents for other people. And administrative professional should have a minimum of 45 keystrokes per minute but should aim higher; many companies request 60 keystrokes per minute or more! 
  7. Ability to Focus - I don't hear this one mentioned very often but since you are likely to be working at the front desk there will be a lot of traffic around your desk. If you are not able to concentrate while others are talking you will have a difficult time completing your work! 
  8. Efficiency - know the difference between effectiveness and efficiency. You need to have both but efficiency is key. The ability to get work done quickly and properly will make you indispensable! 
  9. Self-Motivation - there isn't always going to be someone standing over your should telling you what to do so make sure you know what you are responsible for. When you've completed all your tasks have a list of things that you can work on. 
  10. Ethical  - this is one of the skills that everyone must develop in the business world but the administrative professional that has a strong work ethic will go far. They will stand out in the minds of their superiors and they will be promoted before others.
So - do you have all of these skills? Or are there some that you can work on? This is just a short list of the skills that students develop at Robertson College when they are taking one of our Administrative Professional programs at our business college. If you have been thinking of pursuing an administrative career come and see one of our Career Counsellors who will be happy to tell you more about the opportunities at Robertson College.