Use Chrometa to Manage Your Time

Do you ever feel that working online makes your time management ineffective? Ever wonder exactly how much time you are spending on things other than your work? If you really knew how much time you spend on sites that aren’t helping you get things done you might be surprised!

There are some great time management tools out there though that can help you. One of the best ones that I have used recently is called Chrometa. After trying the trial I just wanted more!

Chrometa is a time management tool that allows you to keep track of the websites you visit. It will tell you how long you were there exactly. It will also track all the applications you use, like Word or Excel. This is a great options as many time management tools don’t allow you to do this.

Of course, what would time management be if we couldn’t assign tasks to different projects? Chrometa does this as well. You can set up many different projects and you simply drag and drop the sites into the projects. It’s so easy. And of course, you can export all your files into an easy-to-read Excel file.

The best part about Chrometa is that they don’t just give you the tool and then expect you to figure things out on your own.  Their site offers a video tutorial, a Quick Start Guide (so easy to read!), and a 5 Tips & Tricks email that will teach you how to do some really cool things.

If you need to management your computer time more efficiently but aren’t great at writing things down as you do them this is a great tool.