How to Get a Promotion - Part 2

Last week I started talking about how to get a promotion.  In part 1 I covered:
  • Taking charge of your time
  • Networking with other employees, and
  • Using email as a tool
This week I’d like to talk about three more things.

·         Give your job 100% of your effort.  Never give only 50% or even 90%.  When you are assigned a task make sure that you do it right and make sure that you are efficient.  Find out what exactly is involved in the task before you start it and then make sure each aspect is covered.  Find out if there if the task has been done before and by whom.  Ask them if they have any advice or if there were any tools that were especially helpful.  And do not forget to ask them if there is anything you should watch out for or anything you should avoid.

    Remember that there are no small tasks so if you are assigned something that is “beneath you” you should still give the task 100% of your effort.
·         Have a positive attitude.  A good attitude can take you a long way in your job.  In the post Attitude is Everything I gave some tips to keeping a good attitude in the office.  It certainly is not easy to do this but a person with a great attitude certainly will be noticed.  Do not be afraid to jump to take the jobs that others do not want and do them with a smile on your face.  Spread smiles around the office liberally.  Encourage others.  Compliment. 
·         Ask for the job.  If there is a job opening that you would like to be promoted into do not be afraid to ask for the job.  Make it known that you are interested in it and be prepared to tell your boss or manager why you should be considered for the job.  Have concrete examples like the time you save a project or the time you were responsible for gathering the team and encouraging them into the night as a task was completed.  This is not bragging – this is selling yourself.  If you want to get a promotion you have to be good at selling yourself.

The bottom line is that the ones who do get promoted work hard to get promotions.  Promotions do not just fall into people’s laps.  They take work and effort and confidence.  They take time.

And remember that if you do not get this promotion it is not a sign to give up.  Continue putting your best effort in, continue to go for the jobs you want, and continue to sell yourself.  The promotions will come if you follow these tips!