4 People In the Office to Get Close To

There are always going to be people in the company that will prove to be very valuable to you and I don’t mean your boss.  Sure you should get along with your boss but chances are you boss is not going to be the most helpful person to you when it comes to doing your job.

There are people in the company that will be very helpful for you though.  You should develop a close relationship with these people because the fact of the matter is that if they like you they are going to be much more willing to do things for you!

The people in your company that you should develop a close relationship with are:

·        The IT team:  Computer issues are one of the things that can slow down the work day more than anything.   Everyone knows that.  If you have any experience with computer problems you likely also know that the IT team is always backed up.  Getting to know them and having a good relationship with them will increase the chance of your problem being taken care of quickly.
·        Another admin person: There are going to be days where you just cannot get everything done on time and having a good relationship with another admin person that is willing to take on a job or two on your behalf could make a big difference in your day.
·        The company trivia genius: When you’re writing an article or a sales letter, a startling fact can make it really stand out.  That guy in the coffee room that knows all sorts of random trivia could just be the person to give you the information that you need.
·        The maintenance staff:  There’s nothing worse than having a clogged toilet and it’s one of those things you don’t want to have to take care of yourself.  If you want it done quickly, make sure the maintenance staff like you.