Articles of Clothing that Do Not Belong in the Office

Remember – the office is not your back yard, it is not a party, and it is not high school.  That being said, there are some articles of clothing that do not belong at the office.  To me, it is just common sense, but if you are not accustomed to a professional office environment a review of acceptable office attire can be helpful.

If you have these articles of clothing in your wardrobe, save them for weekends:
  • Sandals or thongs:  These belong at the beach, not in the office. Keep your shoes looking professional.  This applies double if they are made of plastic.
  • Tank tops:  Unless you are wearing it under a shirt or jacket, tank tops are for teenagers and hanging out in the back yard.  If you do wear a tank top, you should cover it with a light shirt or a business jacket and be prepared to leave it on.
  • Sheer tops:  No one wants to see your bra at the office!  Well, they may want to but this is not the place to show it off.  Save sheer tops for dancing at the club.
  • Micro-mini skirts:  It has become more acceptable to wear shorter skirts at the office but once it gets more than an inch or two above the knee you risk showing too much.  Mini-skirts are harder to sit in, they are harder to crouch down in (like when you’re filing) and they tend to show things you don’t intend on showing.  If you want to be considered professional, wear your skirts longer than mid-thigh.
  • Stiletto heels:  Not only are you going to look like you forgot to change after coming home last night but you will hurt your feet. Stiletto heels were not meant for working all day long in.  Find a more moderate heel and you’ll be more comfortable and you’ll be able to keep up with the guys (literally).
  • Neon:  Neon is making a come-back for club wear but not for the office.  I don’t care how much you love those new neon green bangles you picked up – leave them at home or at least in your purse!