Choosing a Career: What Education Options Suit You Best?

Before you embark on a new career you need to consider what you are willing to do to start on your path.  Most high-level jobs have requirements that include training. So here's what you need to consider – are you willing to go to school to get an education; and how much time and money are you willing to spend?


There are many educational opportunities available to you and while there may be some jobs where you do not have to get an education you will likely find that most jobs do require some sort of post-secondary training to get started on a career. So, what are your options?
  • University
    Going to university means that you will likely be there for a minimum of 3-4 years.  A university degree will increase your chances of having a well paying job.  There are good universities in every major city in Canada.  One of the benefits of university education is that you will have many choices.  You can attend university and explore your options while you are going.

  • College
    College usually means that you will attend school for around 2 years and you will receive a diploma.  You should already know what you want take as your studies will be very focused right from the beginning.  Most of your classes will be set out for you although you will be able to choose from a selection of compulsory courses within your field of study.

  • Private College
    Private colleges have courses that are very focused and are often completed in less than a year.  Courses in private colleges are taught by instructors that have worked in the industry pertaining to the subjects that they are teaching.  Private colleges usually include a work practicum in their courses, which can be invaluable in helping you to land a job.

  • Online College
    If you want to be able to work while you are getting an education, online college can give you the flexibility you need.  Online college is a great option for people who are self-directed and self-disciplined.


Different types of education require different time commitments.  How soon do you want to want to be working?  Think about how much time you are willing to spend at an educational institute.  If four years is too much for you, university is likely not your best option.  If you want to be out in the workforce as soon as possible, you may want to consider a private college where courses are shorter.


How much money are you willing to invest in your future career?  Remember that education is an investment.

If you are interested in discussing your options with one of our Career Counsellors, contact us here and we will be happy to provide you with more information.