Admin Professionals Need to Have a Competitive Edge

Even though administrative professionals are very competent and have many skills they still need to be competitive.  Many admin professionals have areas of expertise such as Internet research, reporting, budgeting or desktop publishing.  They also tend to have excellent written and verbal skills and the ability to multi-task.  As a result of all of these skills they play an important part of many organizations.

While admin professionals are high in demand now, you never know what could happen in the future.  Those who keep up with technology will be the ones that are more likely to get the jobs that are available in the future, not matter how many jobs there are.

If you want to stay competitive as an administrative assistant follow these tips:

  • Stay up to date on computer skills and software applications.  This is one of the most important things that you can do.  When new versions of software are released make it your business to learn how to use them as soon as possible.  Ask to get the new software as soon as your company has it so that you can learn it and help others in learning it when it is released to the whole company.
  • Develop organizational, prioritization, and time management skills and find new ways of putting them to use.  It is these skills that make you efficient at your job and thus, makes the company more efficient.
  • Improve your verbal and written communication skills.  These skills are always in demand and are always of use to the company you work for.  Seek out opportunities to take classes or go to workshops.  Organizations like Toastmasters are fun and help you to become a better speaker.
  • Join professional organizations.  Not only will you have a great opportunity to network with and learn from others in your field, but you will also get access to workshops and courses at discount prices.
  • Read.  There are many periodicals and newsletters that are available to employees of a wide variety of industry.  Try to learn as much about what is going on in your industry as possible.  You can also read newsletters that are written with admin professionals in mind.