Apply What You Learned in Kindergarten to Your Job

Kindergarten was a long time ago but do you remember all the valuable lessons that you learned?  It was a year of growing and learning and of course, fun.  We should think about what we learned in kindergarten more often.  
Why?  To apply it to our jobs!

You are likely scratching your head right now and thinking, “Is she losing it?  What could anything I learned in kindergarten possibly have to do with the job I do today?”  Well, I’m not going nuts.  Think about it…

Take off your coat and boots and put it away neatly in your space.  That was the first thing you had to do every day in kindergarten.  And that is the first thing you should do at work, too.  Don’t leave your coat hanging over your chair and your boots kicked in the corner.  Put it all away neatly and you’ll look more professional (although I’m pretty sure that the kindergarten teach wasn’t thinking about professionalism; I think she was just thinking that if she trained us to put our stuff away she wouldn’t have to!).

Do one activity at a time.  Kindergarten rooms are great places.  They have the sandbox corner, the lego space, the ropes, the plants, and so on. And the reason they had different places for different things was so that we would learn to do one thing at a time.  If we schedule our day so that we are doing one thing at a time that one thing gets done a lot faster doesn’t it?  And it usually gets done better, too.

Use your manners.  Say thank you and please.  Say excuse me if you burp and don’t push when you’re in line for the slide.  The same applies to the office and I think that we often forget that.  If we speak nicely to people we get a lot further and we are more likely to get what we want.  Don’t be that bully on the playground that insists on going first every time and takes the ball away from you in the middle of a game.