Attitude is Everything

Attitude / Golden Gun
Attitude / Golden Gun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Have you ever noticed that no matter what kind of good mood you are in that if someone in enters the room that looks like they just ate a pile of sour candies everything changes?  One person with a bad attitude can severely impact the mood of the office.  Do not let that one person be you.

It is never implicitly stated in a contract or in a job description but one of the jobs of the administrative assistant is to greet and meet people who come into the office with a good attitude.  Have you ever walked into an office and been greeted by a receptionist that looks like she feels bothered by your presence?  How did it make you feel?  Did you feel welcome?  Did you feel glad to be there?  Did it make you nervous or anxious?  You may have felt some of these things or all of them or something else altogether but whatever it was you felt I am willing to bet it was not good!

Here are a few ways that you can keep a positive attitude and a smile on your face – even when you are feeling not so great:

·         Have a picture of someone that makes you smile on your desk.  It could be your child(ren) or your husband or your dog or maybe even an event that brings back really good memories.  Every time that someone walks into the office take a look at that picture first.  Put yourself with that person or in that place and smile.
·         Play music that makes you smile.  Keep it low so that it does not disturb anyone.
·         Take breaks.  It’s hard to keep an upbeat attitude all the time if you do not takes breaks from time to time.  Do something that makes you smile like listening to a favorite song (The song Astounded by BranVan3000 always puts a smile on my face) or have a quick chat with an upbeat office friend. 
·         Vent.  Everyone needs to vent once in awhile.  You just need to be careful about who you vent to.  Find a friend in the office or that is easily accessible by phone and have a quick venting session if you need to.  Sometimes getting it off your chest makes it easier to move on in your day.
·         Whistle.  I find it very hard to be in a bad mood when I am whistling.  

Of course, you can’t do this at your desk – it is amazing how many people find that annoying!  But head off to the lunch room for five minutes or seclude yourself in the supply room for a few minutes and whistle the most cheerful tune you can think of.  Seriously – whistling works. 

You are quite likely to find other ways to keep a positive attitude on your own.  Experiment and see what makes you smile.