Get Help - Hire a Practicum Student

Are you at the busiest time of the year and you could use an extra pair of hands in your office but you can’t afford to hire someone full-time? Or maybe you need some temporary help but you don’t have the time to go through the interview process? It happens to every business once in awhile. And the place that they most often need help is in the admin department.

They need someone to answer the phones, file papers, get the office cleaned up of excess paper work that is floating around, or just need someone to meet and greet people while they come in. They need someone to take care of those little things so that other office staff can deal with the more important matters that have been piling up.

You should consider hiring a practicum student. A student that has been taking an administrative course can be very helpful in your office. Even though they might not have the experience they have been trained to deal with people, file, use all components of Office software like Word and Excel, and they are eager to help.

Robertson College has several administrative programs (payroll, veterinary, general administration, law, and medical) and each student is required to complete a practicum period of 4 weeks. Imagine how much work you could get done in 4 weeks if you have someone to handle all of those little details that keep interrupting you day!

Contact Robertson College in Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton or Brandon and we will match you up with a student that has recently finished or will be finishing their program. We’ll help you get set up and the student will help you get work done!