Should You Leave Your New Job?

So, you’ve managed to land that job that you’ve had your eye on.  You’ve gotten through the interview, they loved your skills and can’t wait to put your expertise to work.  You got to tell all of your friends how you landed that great job and you thought it would only get better from here. 

Then you start the new job and you’ve been there for awhile and you suddenly realize that you are starting to dread going to work – just like at your last job.  You’re beginning to wonder why you wanted this job so badly.  And this job just is not what you thought it would be. 

So now what?

Do you start looking for other jobs or do you stick it out?  And if you are sticking it out, how much longer should you give it?  Deciding whether to stick with a new job or move on is a tough decision, isn’t it?  To make it a little easier, here are some questions you can ask yourself:

Is the newness of the job part of the problem?

New jobs can be unsettling because there is so much new to learn.  Much of what you do might be things that you can relate to tasks you have done in the past, but there will likely be a lot of other new things that are completely different from anything you have done before.  You also need to get to know people’s names, what their jobs are, and who you are to go to in different situations.  This can be disconcerting but remember that it will pass in time.

Can you learn to live with your boss?

Is your boss a real problem?  Sometimes when they are doing the interview they put on their best face but that isn’t necessarily how they are in real life.  They might not be exactly how you anticipated them to be but can you live with it?  Remember that there are other people on the job that might make it great and that your boss is not the only person you’ll have to deal with.  But if the thought of greeting your boss on a Monday morning makes you want to hide under your desk, you might want to consider leaving for another job. 

Can you learn from this job?

If you are new to this particular field and want to pick up some skills it might be worth it to stay on for awhile longer.  Ask around and see if you can get on a team of workers where you can learn from them and get to do some new things.  See if there is a part of the job where you can develop new skills.  If you can turn this job into a learning experience, staying on for awhile longer might be worth it.