Top 5 Reasons to Use a PDF in the Office

icon for PDF files
icon for PDF files (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Not so long ago, when an office was sending out a newsletter or an invitation to a group of people, they were using Word.  Today, you are more likely to send out PDF files because there are many advantages to using PDF over Word when sending information.  Also, it is much easier to create a PDF file than it once was and it is more cost efficient.  In the past, Acrobat was needed to create PDF files and many businesses did not see the value in investing in the program, but today, we can create PDF files with Word or Excel.

So, why should we use PDF’s to send information?
  1. Everyone will view it the same way.  No matter what kind of computer program you are running or what type of computer you have, everyone will see the PDF document in the same manner.  This will save you time because you will not have to re-send documents in different formats.
  2. You can use hyperlinks, a linked Table of Contents, or keywords to search a document.  This allows readers to go directly to the information that they need to have access quicker, which makes reading more efficient.
  3. You can encrypt PDF’s for security.  That makes sending personal data safer and allows for confidentiality.  You can also use passwords so that only the people you intend to read it actually have access to it.
  4. PDF’s can be magnified up to 1600% with no diminishing quality.  Pictures can be enhanced and text can be made larger or smaller to benefit the reader.
  5. Compact size.  PDF files are much more compact in size than Word or Excel so if you are using it on a website it will not take up as much space.  Being smaller in size also makes it easier to send by email and you can send more information at one time.
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