3 Magazines Admin Professionals Should Read

As and administrative professional, keeping up with trends and issues of your job field can be a great way to work on self-development.  You should know what is going on with your career field, know what topics are important, and be familiar with the news.  One of the ways you can do this is by reading industry magazines.  Of course, what you read will depend on the industry that you are working in but you can also read magazines that are focused on your specific career – being an administrative professional.

Reading career magazines can also inform you when there are events, seminars, and other activities where you can network with others that are working in your field.  I’ve talked about networking before a few times, so by now you should all know how important that is!

So, what career magazines should you be reading?  There are three that especially stand out.

Office Pro

Office Pro is the magazine that is put out by the International Association of Administrative Professionals.  The articles are relevant for anyone that works as an office professional, executive secretary, or other administrative jobs.  The magazine comes out seven times a year and once a year an issue is focused on executive professionals.  Each issue is filled with the tools you need to do better on your job and to develop as an administrative professional.  Some of the topic covered in the last few months include: Turn Off, Tune Out, Take a Vacation, Coping with Job Loss, and Twitter, Facebook, and Beyond.  

The Admin Advantage

The Admin Advantage is a free online magazine that is published by Desk Demon and features articles that are perfect for gaining some insight into the administrative professional job if you are just getting started.  But if you are looking to move up the ladder you will find a great deal of advice for you that will be helpful.  Some of the articles in the last issue include: How to Improve Employee Morale in a Bad Economy and Buzzwords to Avoid in Your Resume.

PA Enterprise

This free online magazine is also published by Desk Demon and is for Personal Assistants and Office Managers.  You will find load of great information among these pages.  Some of the most recent topics include:  Throwing a Corporate Christmas Function, How to Make Your Day More Productive – Top Tips From Google, and Mixing Business with Pleasure – the New Rules of Business Networking.

You'll find The Admin Advantage and PA Enterprise here.