How To Inspire Others

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Dishing out inspiration may not be formerly part of your job description but if you want to work in an environment where you are happy and enjoy those you work with, being inspiring can help.  Being inspiring doesn’t mean that you have to go out of your way to do things that you wouldn’t do anyways – it just means that you do your job with a certain attitude.  You interact with people a little bit differently and in the end your inspiration make others want to be inspiring, too.
So, how can you inspire others, while still getting your job done?

Practice What You Preach

One of the best ways to inspire others to do great things, to be proud of their jobs, and to be a pleasure to work with is to practice what you preach.  People are more likely to believe what you say if it is reinforced by what you do.  People tend to learn more from actions than they do from words.  For example, if you say you love your job but you can be found complaining about it in the bathroom to whoever will listen during breaks and lunch hour, they aren’t going to hear your words.  If you grit your teeth and clench your hands every time you have to do a new task your words expressing your love for your job will mean very little.

Be Consistent

If you are consistent about the way you do things, people will rely on you.  They will trust what you say and have faith in what you do.  People are inspired by others that they consider to be reliable.

Be Positive

The words you chose can have a great affect on how others feel about you and about how they feel about working with you.  “Can” will always be received better than “cannot”.  Negative words – no matter how they are intended – will always make people feel as if they are not doing all they can and they will not be inspired.    Be positive with your actions as well.  Smile, stand up straight, face people when you talk to them – remember that you body language speaks just as loudly (and sometimes louder) than your words.

Be a Good Listener

You don’t have to solve everyone’s problems but sometimes listening can help them just as much.  Sometimes people just have to hear how things sound when they are told to someone else to realize that the answer to their problems is right there in front of them.  And sometimes, a listening ear is all people need to find inspiration.
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