Reference Sites to Help You With Your Research

Doing research is often part of our job and although it isn't always the most exciting task in the world we need to give it proper attention.  One of the things we need to focus on is finding authoritative sites that actually present relevant data to what we are researching for and that means finding material that is not just written by anyone - it needs to be written by someone who knows what they are talking about.  So, today I have four reference sites for you that can give you a wide variety of information but are quality sources.

One of the first sites that I frequent when looking for information is the Statistics Canada site.  You'll find loads of info on the country as a whole, individual stats on the provinces, and even information on cities and towns.  If you need to know how many children are being born or how many people are moving out of a community, this is the site to get the most relevant answers.

The Government of Canada website will provide you with more information than you might have guessed. Programs, benefits, and laws are only the beginning of what you can find there.  The Government of Canada produces a wide variety of literature that is free for the people and is available in PDF form.  This makes it easy to download it and save it for later if you find something that you think might be important for you later.

Finally, if you're in Manitoba, the Government of Manitoba website will give you more focused information.  And of course there are provincial sites for all of the provinces and territories in Canada.  These provincial web sites are invaluable if you need information on provincial laws but they are also helpful if you want to know what topic are important and current for your area.

Those are just a starting point.  Spend some time doing your own investigating and watch for sites that end in .org, .edu, .gov, .biz - .com sites can have relevant info as well but you'll need to verify the source.