Robertson College Pharmacy Technician Info Session

A career as a Pharmacy Technician is challenging and exciting. The healthcare industry is in need of good people just like you.

This year, 100% of Robertson College Pharmacy Technician students have gained employment in their field!

Please Join Us for the Upcoming Open House:

When: Tuesday, January 25th
Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Where: Robertson College, 265 Notre Dame Ave
What: An Opportunity to Learn More About the Pharmacy Technician Program
Register: Send and email to to register or call 204.943.5661

The session will cover:
Pharmacy Technician Accreditation, career opportunities in Manitoba & how to enroll in the next Pharmacy Technician class!

Next class starts February 28! Seating is limited. Call 204.943.5661 or email today to reserve your seat.

To learn more about the Pharmacy Technician program at Robertson College, click here.

All careers that are focused on health care are in demand these days because there is an increasing need for trained individuals. If you're interested in working in the health care field, one of the careers you might be interested in is Pharmacy Technician. A Pharmacy Technician is not the same as a Pharmacist though, so it doesn't require many years of schooling. In fact, if you find a good business college that offers the Pharmacy Technician program you may find yourself start your new career within a year!

What Does a Pharmacy Technician Do?

To sum it up very quickly, the Pharmacy Technician helps the Pharmacist. Some of the tasks that the Pharmacy Technician typically aids in include:

* labeling and dispensing medications
* maintaining patient profiles
* helping with other routine tasks.

What Qualities Should a Pharmacy Technician Have?

Of course, Pharmacy Technicians should have good customer service skills. After all, they are the ones that people often come into contact with when they fill their prescriptions. Often when people are getting prescriptions filled they may be anxious or stressed. They are getting a prescription filled for a reason and that isn't always an easy thing. Because of this, Pharmacy Techs need to be good with dealing with a wide variety of people.

Pharmacy Technicians must also have an eye for detail. While missing something small here and there may not be a big deal in some jobs, in this job it is crucial that every order is filled to the letter. The smallest mistake can have devastating results so they must pay attention.

What Options Do Pharmacy Technicians Have?

There are many different areas that trained Pharmacy Technicians can go into. They may choose to work at a smaller, family-run drug store pharmacy or they may want to work for a larger chain store. There are advantages to both. Pharmacy Technicians can also work in hospitals. There are several choices and with a diploma as a Pharmacy Technician the choice is up to you.