Consider a Career as a Personal Assistant

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Many businesses have secretaries that work the front desk. They do all sorts of things in the office but these days it does not include more personal things. Secretaries or receptionists are no longer expected to make reservations for personal use. However, there is a class of administrative support that might do that. They are called personal assistants and their job can include everything that a receptionist does as well as managing their employer’s personal details. Personal assistants are very much in demand and the job often pays significantly more than a secretary or typical administrative job.

Personal assistants need to be ethical and very trustworthy as they are often entrusted with very personal details of the employer’s life. They need to be professional and remember that they are not a friend, but a paid employee. It can be difficult to keep that line solid when you work so closely with someone. They must also be organized in order to be efficient.

If you are interested in being a personal assistant, one of the best things you can do is get training as an administrative assistant. Administrative assistants do many of the same tasks as a personal assistants do. They must be able to arrange for travel, keep their employers calendar organized and up-to-date, handle mail (both electronic and paper mail), and many other things. They may be required to write letters, too, so writing skills are essential. Once you have taken a course, it would be a good idea to get some experience where you can verify your skills.

Being a personal assistant can be a very satisfying job. One of the advantages is that you will only work with one person so you are likely to get to know them much better. You will understand their needs and become more familiar with the work that is expected of you. Personal assistants often travel with their employers so that can be a big advantage, too.

If this sounds like the right career for you, get started by taking the Administrative Professional course at Robertson College. You’ll learn everything you need to know to become the best personal assistant you can be.
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