What are the duties of a nursing assistant?

If you are thinking about a career in the nursing field but aren’t sure if it is for you, starting off as a Nursing Assistant is a great option. As a nursing assistant, you would work under the supervision of a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse and would be able to gain experience and a better understanding of the field. You get to see what nurses do by observing them up close and you can become more familiar with the atmosphere in which they work.

Nursing assistants are often the ones to monitor the vital signs of patients. They will record changes as they watch pulse, respiration rate, temperature, and blood pressure. These are all things that help determine if a patient is getting better or not. Checking vital signs is something that must be done carefully and regularly so as to monitor the patient’s condition for positive or negative improvements.

Patient care is a very important job belonging to the nursing assistant. The nursing assistant will often help the patient with personal hygiene such as bathing and shaving. They may also help patients dress or undress when they need assistance and cannot take care of that on their own.

Nursing assistants also make sure that patients’ food and nutritional needs are taken care of. Sometimes they may have to help a patient eat or they may set out their supplements or vitamins for them. They will make sure that their patients are eating properly and not eating anything they should not.

Medicine is a very important part of most patients’ stay at a hospital or health care facility and the nursing assistants will make sure that the patients are getting the right medications. They will make sure that patients have what they need and are not eating anything or taking any other medications that will interfere with treatment.

Specific situations sometimes will determine the duties of a nursing assistant. Younger patients might need more care or a specific kind of care, as might older patients. Each patient is a little bit different and their individual needs must be taken care of.