5 Reasons You Don’t Have a Job – Part 1: Appearance

piercings and tattoos
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If you don’t have a job there is usually a reason for it. It is rarely that “they just didn’t like me.” They did not choose you for the job for a reason. And if one person did choose your for the job, then chances are that others will not pick you for the job for the very same reason.

Because of this it is very important to understand what makes employers look someone over when they are being considered for employment. And one of the biggest reasons is appearance.

These are some of the reasons that are based on appearance that employers do not hire candidates:

You have facial piercings: While many companies don’t have a strict no facial piercings policy, the majority of professional businesses do not hire people who have lip rings, eyebrow rings, etc. Part of that is generational. Older generations might not say that the reason they didn’t hire you was because of the bolt in your chin but really – it’s a big turn off as far as they are concerned. If possible, take it out. Better yet, don’t get it done in the first place if you think you might ever want to work in a professional industry.

You didn’t shave. Guys – don’t come to work looking like you just crawled out of bed from a wild three day weekend. Shave off the stubble. And as much as I hate to say it, this applies to women, too. If you’re wearing a skirt, shave your legs. If you’re wearing a short sleeve top, shave those pits. If it is against your moral principles to shave, then wear pants, pantyhose, or shirts with sleeves. I know you might not agree with it but it is part of life.

You smoke. While you can’t be passed over for a job specifically because you smoke (at least in Canada) it may contribute to their decision to hire someone else that has the same skills that you do. Smokers take more and longer breaks, smokers get sick more often, and the smell is just generally unappealing. Quit smoking.

You are not dressed appropriately. Make sure that you have at least one good interview outfit. When possible, dress nicer than you think you have to. It is better to be over-dressed that dressed too casually. A good interview outfit is a great investment and you will use it once you are working, too.

You’re angry. If you are angry people will sense it when you go to an interview. It shows in your face and the way you hold yourself and sometimes in the words you use. If you have anger issues you need to deal with them before you go to a job interview
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