Learn About Companies You Want to Work For

One of the things I’ve talked about often is job research. If you really want that job and you want to stand out from the crowds of other people that are likely to be applying you need to do some research and find out as much as possible about the company you want to work for. A good resume is not enough. A standard cover letter is not enough. An acceptable interview is not enough. You have to step up and show them that you are willing to put in some effort to have the privilege of working with their company.

The question you might be asking is, “How do I find out information about companies I want to work for?”

Here are some excellent ways to learn more about the companies you want to work for:

• Find them on LinkedIn and follow them.

• Look for them on Twitter and Facebook.

• See what others are saying about them with Social Mention (http://www.socialmention.com/) or Kurrently

• Find out if they have a company web site and if they do read it inside and out.

• Subscribe to Google News alerts for that company.

• Ask your network for referrals of people that have/do work for them.
The more you know about a company that you really want to work for the more likely you are to get a job with them. You will be able to target your responses in interview questions, you will be able to write a cover letter that appeals to them, and you will be able to demonstrate that you are willing to do the work to reach your goals.