5 More Reasons You Don’t Have a Job: Part 3 – The Interview

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The interview is often the deciding factor that determines whether or not you get the job. Your interview skills must be almost perfect. If you think your interview skills are lacking visit a job center or find a friend who you can practice interviewing with until you are completely confident.

Some of the most critical interview skills that are often over looked include:

Being unprepared. If you are unable to answer questions, didn’t bring your references, came late, or show other signs of being unprepared this tells the interviewer that the job is just not that important to you. Be completely prepare for anything they throw at you in an interview.

You beat around the bush. If you are not answering questions completely and beating around the bush and being vague they will assume you are being dishonest. Try to answer questions completely but get right to the point. Not ever answer needs to have a full story with it.

You talk too much. Although the interview is supposed to be about you and finding out if you are a good match for the business, there is such a thing as too much information. They don’t need to know that you have just gone through a nasty divorce and miss your kids. And, as mentioned, you don’t have to make every answer take up 5 minutes. Remember that their time is precious so don’t over-embellish your answers.

You missed part of the interview process. Perhaps they suggested that you come to a networking event and meet some clients or they might have asked you to meet them for a tour of the building before the interview. While these things might sound like suggestions, they are not. They are part of the interview process so don’t skip out.

You asked for too much money. You may be asked about the salary you would expect. This is a tough question but be prepared for it and be ready to tell them why you think you are worth that much. Do the research and find out what others in similar positions with similar skills to yours are making and what they made to start off.
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