My Career Search Instructor Gave Me Confidence

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Check out this entry in the Robertson College essay/video contest by Bakirathy Balasubramaniam.


I can still vividly remember the first day our career service instructor Adrian Fernandes came to the class, I was seated as always at the corner waiting for the class to start, musing to myself.
As I always got nervous around people and do not have the confidence to speak up in class, I did not have many friends.

When the announcement was made that we will start our Pharmacy Technician course, first with career search, I had given up hope of ever facing an interview. I had gone to one during the holidays hoping for a part time job and it had been a disaster, so you may well understand why I did not treat the announcement with much enthusiasm, but I was wrong; the arrival of the career search instructor Adrian Fernandes changed everything.

During our first class he asked us to introduce ourselves and then formed groups of two and asked us to interview ourselves, taking one person as a great personality and the other as an interviewer. We were supposed to write down all what the personality says and deliver a presentation. As I was not very popular I did not have a partner to do the interview with. So Adrian seeing my predicament came to my aid and said he would do the interview with me. I sat there dumbstruck unable to utter a word to see his ability to understand each and every one of our problems without us saying to him.

I did not have anything to say actually I was unable to form the words ,sensing my problem he gently said "Do not feel nervous , remain focused ,use your personality and self confidence to speak positive of yourself and remember people who are slight nervous are the ones who perform exceptionally well.”

During the next few days of the class he made us to work individually and, as well, assigned groups to work together. To my astonishment I realized that I was friendly with the whole class in next few days and realized how different and outgoing person I am. I finally made up my mind. I had found a good instructor who was sure he could make me get rid of my nervous and I swore to myself that I would go to another interview and get a part time job.

His repeated request to attend meetings and to arrange meetings with Pharmacy Technicians gave me a turning point in my life.

I went to the youth meetings and took part in all their programs, and was asked to give my first speech, my heart was hammering so fast that I thought it would burst as I climbed on stage and my hands started shaking. I took a deep breath and my instructor’s words were ringing in my ears telling me to “speak with confidence.” I had barely spoken for five minutes when the bell rang for the end of the speech. Even though it was only five minutes I felt like it was a life time and it was a major breakthrough over my nervousness.

From that day onwards I took part in various programs and the fact that I had a talent to become an interviewer came as a shock to me because; the interviews we held during the career search class had changed my life.

I sent my resume for a part time job and I got a reply asking me to come to an interview, the time had come to fulfill my vow, so with wishes from my friends and family I had never felt before, I went to the interview, three days later I received an e-mail conforming me that I had passed and I was to report to work the next day.

Now almost every day when I see a professor I am reminded of him and I thank God and Robertson College for giving me an instructor like Adrian.


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