Questions to Ask Before Enrolling in an Online College

College is a big investment no matter what kind of course you are taking but when you are considering enrolling in an online college you should definitely take the time to ask some questions.  The more questions you ask the better informed you will be and the better of an investment you will make.

Here are some of the questions you can ask before enrolling in an online college course in Canada:
  1. What is the mission of the college?  What are the goals of the college?  What rules and policies are set up so that students and instructors follow them? You might be able to find this information on the college’s online web site under the information section or the FAQ section.  If not, you should ask.  The college should know what their purpose and direction is.
  2. How many students have graduated from the online programs and how many are enrolled?  You likely don’t want to be one of the students that they are making mistakes with or finding out what works with.  If they are fairly new to online courses, they might still be working out the glitches.
  3. Will there be other costs besides tuition?  Will you have to travel to take the exam or is there a place that you can take it locally?  Is there a fee to take the exam?  Will you need to purchase any kind of program to run the courses?
Don’t be afraid to speak with an advisor either by email or on the phone.  They should be responsive and willing to answer your questions.  They should provide you with any information you might want before you enrol in a course.

Remember to utilize the web site.  Colleges that offer online courses should have a web site that gives you lots of information like the courses available, the length of the courses, and how the information will be relayed. 

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